Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How does the custom whitening work?

- How this works is we send you the whitening along with putty impressions and trays:

  • You mix the putty together
  • Place it on the tray
  • Put it in your mouth and press it down with your fingers.
  • Wait till the putty hardens up approximately 3 minutes. 
  • Place in a bag send it back to us immediately. 
  • We'll send you back your custom made tray and you can start your whitening treatment. 
Putty impressions
You have to mix white and Blue together. You get 3 attempts.
If it doesn't go according to plan, you have another 2 attempts
If you run out of putty, you will be charged £10 for a replacement!


How long does it take for the custom trays to return? 
- It takes less than a week or two without any difficulties. 
Which lab do you use for your custom trays?
- We outsource our custom trays to Chingford Lab to professionally develop your teeth moulds.
How do I order something custom?
- You will be required to contact us and send a list of what you'd like to purchase from Nawow Whitening. From there, we will inform you of your options of obtaining your customised product and price.
Why is Nawow Whitening cheaper than going to a dentist?
- Nawow Whitening allows you to have the full package when it comes to teeth whitening. Dentists charge you thousands for a whitening treatment that only lasts up to 8 months. Nawow Whitening provides you with 6 month packages for less than £300.
Where Does Our Teeth Whitening Gel come from?
- We source our Whitening Gels directly from Philips, the largest dental equipment supplier in the UK. 
How can I book a consultation for my teeth?
- You will be required to send an email of the time and date you are available. This consultation will be remote and zoom based.